Boost productivity. Reduce fatigue.

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Stress and fatigue erode our ability to perform at our best. LK-01 helps you tackle the mental and physical effects of fatigue to perform at your peak.

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All of nature’s healing wisdom.

  1. Peak productivity

    Encourages higher measures of mental performance like associative thinking, short-term memory, and concentration to help you reach your peak cognitive function.

  2. Sustainable energy

    Conventional stimulants trick your body into recognizing false energy. LK-01 activates your cells to naturally produce more sustainable energy, boosting endurance and reducing fatigue.

  3. Mood balance

    Pure Salidroside naturally balances stress hormones in the body to improve your mood state, helping you feel confident and motivated to power through your day.


Sustained Energy. Improved Mood.

LK-01™ is clinically proven to enhance endurance and resiliency by improving your oxygen uptake and helping to stabilize your mood. The breakthrough ISTO Clinical Study proves that with LK-01™, you won't have to settle for anything less than your best.

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Industry-changing consistency, purity, and efficacy.

Bioengineered to help you reach your peak

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