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Exploring The Landkind Difference

On March 17th, 2023, Dr. Christopher Vickery and Georgia Hirst discussed how Landkind is harnessing the power of synthetic biology and the wellness of you and the planet.  

Dr. Christopher Vickery is the Head of the HARMONY™ platform and Head of Research for Landkind. Dr. Vickery’s work explores the intricacies of plant chemistry to sustainably recreate valuable natural products with pure essential bioactive ingredients.

Georgia Hirst is a Landkind Ambassador, talented actress, charity activist, and wellness enthusiast. Called Gee for short, she is best known for her role as Torvi on the Amazon series, Vikings.

During the early portion of the 25-minute live Q&A, Georgia poses a series of questions about Landkind science. 

The Landkind Difference

"Is it true that other vitamins and supplements currently on the market don't contain their promised levels of bioactive ingredients?"

- Georgia Hirst

Dr. Vickery: I think what's important to address here is again, the idea of consistency. I think there [are] two ways to think about [consistency]. One, of course, as we talked about before, having a consistent amount of the bioactive molecule that you want is sometimes an issue.

For example, certain crops, even plants grown in different locations around the world are going to have completely different amounts of everything in them just based on their environment, based on how long they're grown. So there's huge variability here. We really want to eliminate that kind of variability. So you're getting a consistent kind of effect and feeling when you're taking the LK-01 product.

But I think at the same time we have to think about how other supplements are made, specifically plant extract[s]. 

Let's say we have a plant extract that has Salidroside in it, but we want a certain amount of Salidroside per dose. If the plant only has a little bit, that means we have to use a lot, A LOT of extract for each dose. With all that extract comes extra stuff that may not be desirable, [and] may even affect how Salidroside is acting in your body.

Again, having that consistency is eliminating not only variability in how much Salidroside you're getting but also how much other stuff you're getting as well. So with this [LK-01 Pure Salidroside], we don't have to worry about that at all.

"So one of the reasons I really wanted to try Landkind was because of the connection to Vikings. There is some research to suggest that Vikings used the Rhodiola plant to stave off fatigue and give them more energy. And I know there are some other supplements on the market that use Rhodiola, but what is the standout difference with Landkind's LK-01?"

- Georgia Hirst

Dr. Vickery: I think in general, Landkind really draws on that kind of information, that kind of history right. Vikings have used this. Why did they use it? To stave off their fatigue. But now we're asking, what specifically from the Rhodiola plant is responsible for that kind of effect that they were getting? 

And so what sets us apart is, we're really honing in on the very specific ingredients. One thing that we know is responsible for that.So with that, we don't have to worry about anything else that's coming along with the plant itself. We don't have to worry about harvesting the plant since we know exactly what part of the plant is important for that effect.

Dr. Vickery: We can then take that, make it a different way, where we don't have to worry about over-harvesting, we don't have to worry about anything like that.So in that sense, you're getting a very pure compound just so that [the] Salidroside is going to give you that same effect. 

Along with that comes consistency. The recommended dose is 60 milligrams. So in that [60 milligrams] Salidroside per day, you know for sure that in each of those doses, you're going to get exactly 60 milligrams. We feel that's really important. 

A focus of ours is to make sure that when you're experiencing something like LK-01, you're going to get the same experience each time. So if you order a package today, and you order a package a year from now, they're going to be the same and you're going to have the same effect. You don't have to worry about a batch being off or something like that. 

"Which I didn't realize that was a thing until I started chatting to the Landkind team that actually with normal supplements, there's not necessarily any consistency. Within some can be a weird dodgy batch. "

- Georgia Hirst

Dr. Vickery: Exactly. Yeah. And it's hard to tell. For example, for drugs, we have the FDA that's going to say, okay, the drug has to be this. Unfortunately, a lot of times there isn't anything like that for supplements. So having a batch that's off; who's going to bring that up? Who's going to discover that? It's really difficult.

So we really want to make it one of our missions to make sure, again, it's going to be the same amount each time. It's going to be held to our extremely high purity and safety standards. Again, like you mentioned, it's consistently [giving] the same effect each time.

Clinically Proven. Ethicialy Made.

At Landkind we are committed to providing consumers with access to pure, sustainable biosynthetic Salidroside that is backed by industry-leading science and proven results. We hold ourselves to the highest standards for safety, efficacy, and purity, which is why we are conducting thorough clinical evaluations with respected academic and industry partners. 

The results of our ISTO clinical trial showed that LK-01 Pure Salidroside is clinically proven to improve energy levels, mitigate the effects of fatigue, and increase oxygen uptake within the first dose of use. 

Conventional stimulants trick your body into recognizing false energy, LK-01 activates your cells to naturally produce more sustainable energy, boosting endurance and enhancing your mood. An added bonus, experiencing this means all of the energy you would normally derive from caffeine without the the anxiety or crash. 

Experience the Landkind difference

Protecting precious ecosystems, endangered species, and our planet begins with making more sustainable choices for our daily lives. Landkind's LK-01 is the world's first clinically proven, sustainably-engineered, pure Salidroside. A supplement that packs all the benefits of taking Rhodiola while leaving nature untouched. 

If you're ready to beat fatigue and experience mental clarity, LK-01 Pure Salidroside might be a solution for you. The potency, purity, consistency, and efficacy of LK-01 are unmatched. Support your cognitive function with two capsules daily for peak performance. 

Watch The Full Q&A

Wondering what other science questions were answered during the live Q&A? Interested in learning more about Georgia's Landkind experience? The full-length Q&A is available for you to view below. 

About Landkind

Landkind is an entirely new class of sustainable supplements, born from mother nature's blueprint and precision-engineered to advance human health. Our revolutionary process enables us to harness the intelligence of evolution to create wellness products that are identical to what we find in nature. From how we source and produce, to how we test and measure – we're fundamentally changing the way wellness products are made. Learn more at www.landkind.health.

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