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Landkind Is Offsetting Carbon Emissions With Salt

Sustainability is the starting point of our science. It’s at the center of our process and our products. As citizens of this earth, we have a moral responsibility to take as little as necessary and do what we can to support mother nature’s longevity and vitality—because our own depends on it.

For this reason, a partnership between Landkind and Salt was an obvious step forward to doing further good for our beloved planet. Haven't heard of Salt before? We chatted with Co-founder, Chelsea Parker, to learn how we can combat carbon emissions together. 

What is Salt?

Salt is a platform created to simplify how we offset our carbon footprint and reward those taking part in the climate crisis by providing access to exclusive offers from their favorite brands. We built Salt to inspire everyone to come together to solve the crisis and to incentivize them to do so. We believe by making climate action simple and participation rewarding (hello exclusive discounts!) joining Salt is a no-brainer.

Salt’s mission to offset 50 million tons of CO2 by 2030 is one that our team believes in wholeheartedly. BUT it isn’t all we’re doing, while we are building towards our planet’s healing, we are also building a community and as a close knit team this is something that speaks to each of us on a special level. The Salt mission revolves around teamwork, and that resonates from the inside out. In addition to healing our planet as a team and a community, we’re also tackling that pesky doomsday style of climate crisis education. We are putting out the type of content that we couldn’t find ourselves - it’s not doom and gloom or all hope is lost, but is instead educational in a way that doesn’t leave us with level 100 anxiety.

Can you share a bit more behind the inspiration for Salt?

Salt exists, like many ideas before ours, as a solution to our own problem. Our founding team set out on this journey after searching for a way to participate in the climate crisis that allowed us to join in wherever we are in our sustainability journey, and to feel rewarded for doing so.

And most importantly, we now have a platform that we want to use and a community that we want to join. When we started our search we were able to find plenty of climate offset companies, but we weren’t able to find a single platform out there promoting a carbon-neutral lifestyle through innovative offset projects that would also grant us access to perks as a reward for the positive steps we were taking.

So we decided to build it. We’ve created what finally feels like a realistic solution for people - a platform that contributes to our personal sustainability journeys while allowing us to celebrate who we are and what life has to offer. Today, that means rewarding Salt members for educating themselves on their own carbon footprint calculations through exclusive offers, and in the future building out more perks and climate action opportunities.

What was life like pre-Salt?

Pre-Salt, I spent time in sales and more specifically in a sales role in the fashion industry. As you can imagine, my background there has given me first-hand knowledge of the fashion industry’s waste, society’s fashion consumption, and ultimately the catastrophic combination of the two in relation to the climate crisis. In addition to my past experiences contributing to my understanding of fashion’s role in the problem, it has also provided me with a better understanding of the importance I place on people and relationships. I was never interested in “sales” in particular, but I have always been passionate about relationships.

At Salt, my role revolves around relationship building between companies, between our members and our brand, and around the community, we’re creating where I hope others will have the opportunity to foster their own relationships with like-minded individuals.

What should I expect when I signup?

To sign up, you will answer six questions about your lifestyle and input your contact information to create your account - it's that easy!

Once you're in, you’ll find an ever-changing menu of exclusive offers from our brand partners at your fingertips. Remember, we offset carbon for every offer redeemed to help make your lifestyle and our brand partners more sustainable.

Visit the Salt FAQ page for more information

What excites you about Landkind?

My background is exclusive to startups and more specifically, to startups that are on a path to disrupting industries. Having spent my entire career exclusively in the startup world, I like to think that I know the unique energy you feel buzzing around a startup that is going to make a significant impact on its industry - and I feel that across the Salt and Landkind teams. The incredible science behind the HARMONY™ platform, and noble pursuit to make wellness sustainable, made Landkind a perfect brand partner for the Salt platform.

Have you experienced the Landkind Difference?

I am weeks into my journey taking LK-01 and can confidently say my ability to stay calm and focused has noticeably improved. I'm accomplishing more daily and without feeling the urge to pour that second cup of coffee.

The Landkind team hopes you feel motivated to face your carbon footprint head-on by visiting www.joinsalt.co today. After all, how could you not with so many rewards to take part in? Let's work toward offsetting 50 million tons of carbon, together, and remember to #belandkind. 

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