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Taking Sustainability Further With Greenspark

Sustainability is the starting point of our science. It’s at the center of our process and our products. As citizens of this earth, we have a moral responsibility to take as little as necessary and do what we can to support mother nature’s longevity and vitality—because our own depends on it. 

At Landkind we are going beyond our science and partnering with other environmentally conscious companies to further reduce the impact on our environment. One way we are able to do this is through our partnership with Greenspark. Their mission is to make climate action accessible and simple for businesses of all sizes, turning them into a force for good by taking meaningful environmental action every day.

Making every order sustainable

Our pursuit of sustainable health doesn’t stop with our ingredients. From its refillable glass bottle to the box it’s delivered in, LK-01 packaging is made from recyclable or compostable materials, ensuring that each Landkind order supports the health and vitality of both people and the planet.

Made possible by Greenspark technology, with every Landkind order we plant two trees to help regrow the earth’s forests, rescue 10 plastic bottles from our waterways, and offset 15kgs of CO2. Greenspark connects Landkind to organizations including Eden Reforestation Projects, United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, and Plastic Bank.  Contributing to these environmental efforts helps to promote biodiversity on land and at sea. 

You deserve transparency

Transparency is key for efforts to support a healthy planet. Greenspark not only offers a public ledger for all their business partners, but they host public pages for all their partners. On the Landkind public page, you can see our brand's progress for reforestation, plastic rescue, and CO2 offset. You can also see the individual projects being supported by your order. 

Celebrating achievements together

As Landkind grows, so will our positive impact. We want to keep you informed about all the progress we make. A great way to catch these celebratory highlights is to follow Landkind on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter. Another great way to celebrate our milestones is to stay subscribed to our newsletter. We’re grateful for everyone who chooses to #belandkind and this growth is just as much yours as it is ours. 

Safeguarding the future

Reforestation, plastic rescue, and offsetting CO2 are essential efforts in safeguarding the future of our planet and its inhabitants. We should all work towards sustainable practices that protect the environment and promote biodiversity. These steps have a direct impact on water systems, weather patterns, land usage, sustainable living, and so much more - making them integral to creating a better world for humans and other species alike. Without taking the initiative to make real-time changes on the ground (and offshore too!), we would be compromising our ability to live in an environment with adequate airflow and wildlife. Doing our part – no matter how small it may seem – helps build momentum for a sustainable tomorrow.


About Landkind

Landkind is an entirely new class of sustainable supplements, born from mother nature's blueprint and precision-engineered to advance human health. Our revolutionary process enables us to harness the intelligence of evolution to create wellness products that are identical to what we find in nature. From how we source and produce, to how we test and measure – we're fundamentally changing the way wellness products are made. Learn more at

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