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Meet Landkind Ambassador Georgia Hirst

We are thrilled to announce Georgia Hirst as a Landkind Ambassador. Georgia Hirst is a talented actress, charity activist, and wellness enthusiast. Called Gee for short, she is best known for her role as Torvi on the Amazon series Vikings. Her other credits include her roles in Ravers (2018), Five Dates (2020), and an upcoming film for 2023. 

A Day In The Life of Georgia Hirst

Outside of her work in film, Georgia Hirst is passionate about sustainability efforts and breaking boundaries within women’s health. Georgia calls London home but lived in the mountainous coastal views of Ireland for six years during the filming of Vikings

A determined personality, she pushes her endurance levels, training for physically demanding roles, charitable marathons, and regular soul-soothing hot yoga sessions. Georgia’s lifestyle requires her to stay ready for opportunities placing health and wellness at the top of her priority list.

Georgia Hirst holding an LK-01 Pure Salidroside bottle

Georgia Hirst’s Landkind Experience

After trying LK-01™ Pure Salidroside Georgia Hirst joined the Landkind family to help raise awareness about synthetic biology. Landkind uses the revolutionary synbio platform HARMONY™ to produce all the wellness benefits of Rhodiola's Salidroside without disturbing its precious environment or farming the endangered plant.  Since Georgia does not rely on coffee or high caffeine intake to power through her day, she found the most immediate benefit from including LK-01 in her wellness stack to be the sustained energy.

Georgia Hirst taking LK-01 Pure Salidroside from Landkind

"I do not drink coffee. I just can’t get into it. By about 3 o’clock most days, I can easily have a nap. These, I just take 2 a day, basically, help me get through my whole day, feel completely motivated, and totally switched on because of the natural energy and oxygen the supplements are giving you. You feel more alert and confident."

- Georgia Hirst

LK-01 Pure Salidroside from Landkind capsules in bowl

An added plus from Georgia’s Landkind experience was an appreciation for the LK-01 Pure Salidroside capsule size. The purity, potency, and consistency are almost unimaginable for such small capsules.

“They’re not those horrible supplements that you take that are so big and really intimidating. They’re literally little tiny ones so they’re so, so, so easy to take.”

- Georgia Hirst

How Vikings Used Rhodiola

Georgia Hirst is not the first Viking to appreciate the benefits of Rhodiola’s Salidroside. The root was believed to have healing properties, so it was used as an herbal remedy for fatigue, depression, and stress. Vikings used Rhodiola for many reasons, but mainly to improve their endurance and prevent fatigue. Landkind took to science to prove these benefits with LK-01 Pure Salidroside.

Fun fact, Vikings also believe the pink hue of the Rhodiola plant was good luck. 

Pink and Gold Rhodiola Plant

Georgia Hirst As Torvi On Vikings

Torvi is a major character in the Amazon series Vikings. Her character was introduced during the show's second season and quickly gained prominence as one of the major players in the show. Torvi is married to Ubbe Lothbrok (Jordan Patrick Smith) but also has children with Bjorn Ironside (Alexander Ludwig). During her time on Vikings, Torvi often finds herself caught between the loyalties of those around her and must make difficult decisions in order to protect her family.

Have A Landkind Experience of Your Own

Georgia Hirst's experience with Landkind shows the benefits of taking LK-01 for energy and motivation. As someone who does not drink coffee, she found that LK-01 helped her power through her days without needing a nap. If you are looking for an alternative to caffeine or a way to up your energy levels, try Landkind's LK-01 Pure Salidroside.

About Landkind

Landkind is an entirely new class of sustainable supplements, born from mother nature's blueprint and precision-engineered to advance human health. Our revolutionary process enables us to harness the intelligence of evolution to create wellness products that are identical to what we find in nature. From how we source and produce, to how we test and measure – we're fundamentally changing the way wellness products are made. Learn more at

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