Questions About LK-01 Pure Salidroside from Georgia Hirst's Fans

Georgia Hirst Answers Questions About LK-01 Pure Salidroside

On March 17th, 2023, the Head of the HARMONY™ synbio platform and Head of Research for Landkind, Dr. Christopher Vickery, and Actress, Georgia Hirst hosted a live Q&A session. There, they discussed how Landkind is harnessing the power of synthetic biology for the wellness of people and the planet. 

In this article, Georgia shares her Landkind experience and answers a series of questions about what to expect when taking LK-01 Pure Salidroside. 

Questions for Georgia Hirst

"So, one lady said, 'I started weight training in the gym around two months ago. I'm eating a lot now, but I still find myself quite fatigued and prone to napping. Any occasion available.' I can relate to you. 'Do you find LK-01 Pure Salidroside reduces this or aids general stimulus for the day? Thank you.'"

- Georgia Hirst

Georgia Hirst:  So I can certainly say that one of the reasons I reached out to Landkind is because I am like a prolific napper. I can nap standing up any time of the day, probably since I first started doing Vikings.

If I had ten minutes off in between takes and I needed to sleep because I'd been up since 03:00 a.m., I would sleep anywhere. That's definitely carried through my life; I would always eat lunch around 02:00 PM. I would need to sleep. I would sleep for probably an hour, an hour and a half, which I'm 28 years old and I've been napping since I was 24. It's not quite right. 

And usually, I'm not really a caffeine drinker. So, I was really curious to see if this would make a difference to me and I have not napped a single time in the day since taking Landkind [LK-01 Pure Salidroside]. 

Like, not once

Georgia Hirst: And my fitness and endurance is, I mean, I told you, we spoke the other day. I ran a 5k, the fastest I've ever ran it. Since October. I've shaved off about eight minutes of my time. I mean, it's great.

"We love hearing things like that because in our minds we know this is going to be extremely helpful to people. And again, just hearing stories like yours is really, I guess, fulfilling to know that all this work that we put into this is really helping people and making a difference. I think again, to be the nerdy scientist in the room, it's exciting to hear these stories and see in these clinical trials that we do see exactly what we hope."

- Dr. Christopher Vickery

Dr. Vickery: To the point of fatigue, that was actually one of the metrics that we tested, something called fatigue inertia.  Certainly everyone, I'm sure, has felt more and more tired throughout the day. That was certainly something that we saw a reduction in [during the ISTO clinical trial], that fatigue inertia. People were able to continue to be active [for] much longer than they were, without question.

Georgia: Yeah, it's made a big impact on my life, which is amazing. 

Georgia, how do you take LK-01 Pure Salidroside?

Georgia Hirst: For me, it sort of depends on the day. If I feel particularly stressed or wired and nervous, I might just take one in the morning instead of two supplements and that will get me through the day. I'll still feel super energized.

If I feel exhausted or I've had a big night, I'll take two in the morning and then some days I feel energized in the morning, so I don't take anything. And it might get then to around sort of 01:00 PM and I think I'm getting that tired thing and I can take two and it will completely stave off needing to nap or needing to sleep.

Georgia, when should I expect results?

Georgia Hirst: For me, the results are completely instant, which I think you guys have said research-wise, right? Like you pretty much feel the effects from your first time taking LK-01.

Dr. Vickery: And honestly, as well, my own experiences, certainly, there's no kind of time period that you have to begin taking [LK-01 Pure Salidroside]. You'll certainly feel that way.

Georgia, does LK-01 Pure Salidroside help with hormone balance?

Georgia Hirst: [Dr. Vickery], this is a question for you. Probably. 

Dr. Vickery: It's a great question, and I would say certainly not something that our team has fairly evaluated [yet]. What I will say, and it's something I'm very excited about, is that with this manufacturing process that we've developed to produce Salidroside in a very pure form, we really feel that it's going to enable further clinical studies and trials that will help understand exactly how Salidroside can benefit people.

So certainly, we've already done trials already, but again, having access to this pure compound is really going to facilitate those kinds of studies, whether it's ourselves or collaborators. So, really understanding how solutions can help people in any way [we] can is certainly something we hope to pursue in the future.

Georgia, what kind of dietary restrictions does LK-01 adhere to?

Georgia Hirst: Vegan, vegetarian, ketogenic. Ketogenic? I don't actually know what that is. Gluten-free, and it works with intermittent fasting. So, I'm actually celiac. So I always look with my supplements for ones that adhere to my dietary restrictions.

It's kind of available for everyone, to be honest, isn't it?

Dr. Vickery: That was one of our goals, too, is to make sure that, again, whoever thinks they will benefit from this will have access to it.

Georgia, what should I expect in my first subscription?

Basically, you guys [Landkind] have a refilling [system], so you can do monthly or you can do quarterly [subscriptions]. And basically, when you sign up, you're going to get a discount, even if you do it monthly or quarterly, or you're going to save money up to 45%.

The first time you order, you get a glass jar. And then with your refills, you get compostable pouches. So you get your supplement pills in there [and] it's good for the planet and less wasteful.

Satisfaction. Gaurenteed.

Experiencing the Landkind difference for yourself comes with a satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, you may request a refund within 30 days of delivery of your first order. We’ll refund you for the full cost of the product less shipping, VAT, or duties—no questions asked. 

Landkind's LK-01 is the world's first clinically proven, sustainably-engineered, pure Salidroside. A supplement that packs all the benefits of taking Rhodiola while leaving nature untouched. 

At Landkind we are committed to providing consumers with access to pure, sustainable biosynthetic Salidroside that is backed by industry-leading science and proven results. We hold ourselves to the highest standards for safety, efficacy, and purity, which is why we are conducting thorough clinical evaluations with respected academic and industry partners. 

The results of our ISTO clinical trial showed that LK-01 Pure Salidroside is clinically proven to improve energy levels, mitigate the effects of fatigue, and increase oxygen uptake within the first dose of use. 

Conventional stimulants trick your body into recognizing false energy, LK-01 activates your cells to naturally produce more sustainable energy, boosting endurance and enhancing your mood. An added bonus, experiencing this means all of the energy you would normally derive from caffeine without the the anxiety or crash. 

Watch The Full Q&A

Wondering what other science questions were answered during the live Q&A? Interested in learning more about Georgia's Landkind experience? The full-length Q&A is available for you to view below. 

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