The productivity
cheat code.

The LK01 bottle sitting in a collage of leaves and petals
Born from mother nature’s blueprint, made perfectly pure by science.
Stop procrastinating and boost your productivity with LK-01 Pure Salidroside.
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What’s inside?

All of nature’s healing wisdom.

  1. Boost your productivity

    Encourages higher measures of mental performance like associative thinking, short-term memory, and concentration to help you reach your peak cognitive function.

  2. Find your calm

    Helps balance your mind's serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine levels without causing drowsiness or fatigue, to improve your body's response to stress.

  3. Improve cellular health

    Enhances ATP production and mitochondrial function to support your natural energy and promote cellular repair.

What does enhanced wellbeing feel like?

  • “I am waking up clear headed, feeling more mental motivation to get up and start my day.”

    — Kate D.

  • “My productivity is through the roof and I have sustained energy throughout the day.”

    — Jay W.

  • “I’ve been off stimulants for 3 months and am never going back. I’m more focused, less anxious and so much more productive!”

    — Sarah A.

Industry-changing consistency, purity, and efficacy.

Bioengineered to help you reach your peak

  • 08+

    Years of research

  • MIT + YALE

    Developed by world-leading scientists

  • 300+

    Peer-reviewed studies

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From a single plant:

A new era of vitality.

Conventional plant-derived pills, powders, tinctures, and tonics can contain pesticides, heavy metals, and residual solvents. Our revolutionary bioengineering process enables us to harness all of the health-enhancing compounds without any harmful byproducts, precious ecosystem disruption, stress on other organisms, or stress on the environment.

What's inside

What's in traditional supplements?

  • Heavy Metals
  • Plant Toxins
  • Unwanted Ingredients
  • Pesticides
  • Residual Solvents

What's in Landkind supplements?

  • Pure Plant Compounds
  • Protection of Precious Ecosystems
  • Revolutionary Science
  • Commitment to all Well Beings
  • Truly Sustainable Processes

Superior consistency, purity, potency.

Adaptogens are conventionally known as compounds that help the body maintain equilibrium. Our first product, LK-01 Pure Salidroside, is pure bioactive material inspired by the adaptogenic plant, Rhodiola. By activating pathways in the power centers of your cells, you’re able to naturally produce more energy, improve your stress response, and perform at your cognitive peak.

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