Gold and Pink Rhodiola Bud

Rhodiola The Worldly Adaptogen

For centuries, people have treasured a flowering plant with gold and pink hues, for not only its resilience and beauty but its medicinal properties. Commonly known as Rhodiola rosea, or “golden root,” it thrives under the pressure of extremely cold mountainous regions around the world. From the Alps to the harsh climates of Siberia, people for centuries have relied on Rhodiola for relief from fatigue and stress both mentally and physically. Let’s explore this unique adaptogen and discover its many wonders.

Where Does Rhodiola Grow?

For Rhodiola to produce its biomagic, it has a very specific set of environmental demands. As a result of the climate change crisis, Rhodiola is now considered endangered due to warming temperatures. While most species find the arctic challenging, Rhodiola flourishes at high altitudes and freezing temperatures around the world. From Europe, Asia, and North America, Rhodiola can be found growing wild in rocky soils. The Landkind team took the opportunity to understand what it takes for Rhodiola to reach its medicinal peak while exploring Alaska’s Harding Icefield Trail. Learn more about our team's experience by reading Our Journey to Rhodiola

Rhodiola growing out of rocky soil

What Are Preferred Conditions for Rhodiola?

Rhodiola prefers cold climates with temperatures ranging between -20°C (4°F) and 10°C (50°F). Although it can withstand colder temperatures up to -30°C (-22°F), its growth may slow down during these extreme conditions. This plant also thrives on well-drained soils with a pH level between 4-7 and plenty of sunlight exposure throughout the day.

What Biocompounds Are Found In Rhodiola?

The compounds that are most active within Rhodiola are called Rosavin and Salidroside which have powerful adaptogenic properties that help your body adjust psychologically and physiologically to stressors such as physical activity or changes in the environment. These compounds help reduce fatigue, improve mood, increase concentration levels, improve cognitive function, reduce anxiety levels, and even boost your immune system! Additionally, Rhodiola has also been studied for its anti-inflammatory effects which could prove useful for those suffering from chronic inflammation or pain-related conditions.

A rhodiola plant growing on top of a mountain

Proven Benefits Without Environmental Impact

Knowing the dangers climate change poses to our natural therapeutic supply chains, the Landkind team was compelled to use science to protect the welfare of humanity and our planet. With LK-01™ Pure Salidroside, people can enjoy the heightened benefits of the Rhodiola adaptogen. Powered by the DoubleRainbow Biosciences HARMONY™ platform, Landkind has mastered the art of purity, potency, and consistency, removing any opportunities for natural variables in your supplements. Because Landkind's bioengineering does not require harvesting the Rhodiola plant, your daily dose of Pure Salidroside can leave you and the planet at ease. 

Taking Our Science to Clinical Trial

The benefits of Salidroside have helped humanity for centuries. Being rooted in science, we took a modern approach to clinically proving the century-old beliefs. The preliminary results of the Landkind Clinical Trial, ISTO, revealed 3 key findings for mood balance, oxygen uptake, and fatigue.

Placebo takers saw a -13% impact from stress, while LK-01 Pure Salidroside reduced that impact to 0.9%. With results like that, you sure to not sweat the little things.  

During the Time To Exhaustion Test, compared to the Placebo Group, the LK-01 Group reached a significantly higher percentage of oxygen uptake during all work intervals allowing them to perform at their physical and mental peak. 

In as little as 30 minutes, users' oxygen uptake increased, helping the body produce sustained energy levels throughout the day. 

A man is running along a body of water with a mountain view

Rhodiola rosea is a truly amazing medicinal plant that grows naturally amongst most of the earth's seven continents. Not only does it possess powerful adaptogenic properties but LK-01 Pure Salidroside is the most potent version of its benefits on the market. If you're looking for a sustainable way to increase your energy levels while reducing stress at the same time – then look no further than LK-01 from Landkind! With its benefits proven by science – this is one adaptogen that should not be overlooked!

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